List of State Employees retiring from July 2017 to Dec 2017

List of State Employees retired but Pension Application not received




This office is responsible for Authorization/Finalization of Pension cases in respect of State Government Employees within its jurisdiction. Cases of Government Servants retiring from All India Services like Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Service, Indian Forest Service etc., MLAs, MLCs and employees of non Government Schools and Colleges are also authorised.

There are three different kinds of pension cases dealt here :

  1. Retirement cases: Includes Superannuation, Voluntary retirement, Invalid, Compulsory retirement pension cases etc. of all departments.

  2. Family Pension cases: Includes Family pension cases of the Government servants while in service

  3. Revision cases: Includes all types of revision cases i.e. Post and Pre 96 retirees.

In case, a pensioner opts to receive his pension from any Treasury which is outside the jurisdiction of this office a Special Seal Authority is issued to the respective Pr. AG who in turn issues the final authority on the treasury (under his/her jurisdiction) opted by the pensioner.

Proactive steps taken by the office:
The office has constantly endeavoured to authorise correct and timely pensionary benefits for which the following measures have been taken:

  • The entire process of Pension finalization has been automated. The System Automation Initiative (SAI) has resulted in faster and transparent disposal of pension cases.

  • To facilitate the pensioners to know the "Online status of the pension cases" link has been provided on this website and search tips are provided under the link How to get pension status”.

  • Clearance of 6th Pay Commission revision cases :
    This office has received 54,000 pension cases for revision. These cases are to be finalized without any additional manpower being provided . The entire office staff has been reorganized to handle these cases. The cases are being finalized on first come first serve basis. Currently we have cleared all 6th Pay Commission Revision cases received till August 2010 have been cleared, provided the pension papers received are correct and complete.

  • The Pension proposals received by the various departments need to be complete and correct. To ensure this Checklist has been prepared. Detailed checks to be exercised by the Departments before forwarding them to this office.

  • To settle the grievances of the Pensioners the mechanism of Pension Adalats has been set up. It provides on the spot assistance and guidance to the Departments and settle the grievances of the Pensioners during visits to the districts. It is also used as a platform to impress upon the Heads of Offices to forward the Pension cases in time and in complete shape in order to avoid delay and financial hardship to Pensioners. A brochure “Help us to Help you” containing all the relevant information for submission of pension case is also distributed at the Adalats.

  • Seminars or trainings for the Departments:  
    After identifying the common shortcomings/glitches in the pension proposals training is organized for the staff sending Pensionary proposals.
    On 29th July, 2011 one such training was held in the office of the Director General of Police, Mumbai. This was attended by more than 250 participants from all over Maharashtra.

  • Specimen copies of various Forms are made available for convenience. This office is merely reproducing the forms as per MCS Pension Rules and does not take any responsibility for their correctness.

For redressal of any further queries/grievances
please feel free to contact our Public Relation Cell on Telephone No. 2203 9790/2203 9680 or
Dy. Accountant General (Pension) Telephone No: 2200 0016