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General Provident Fund 


Checklist for GPF schedules & General guidelines:

  1. Separate schedule for accounts maintained by Pr.A.G(A&E)-I.(Mumbai) and A.G.(A&E)-II (Nagpur)

  2. The Total Amount shown in the GPF schedule agree with the total deduction shown in the pay bill towards G.P.F.

  3. In the schedules, the name of the subscribers should be recorded in ascending order as per the GPF account numbers allotted by this office to them

  4. The subscription and refunds towards temporary advance should be clearly shown in the prescribed columns. The installments number in respect of refunds upon total number of installments should be recorded.

  5. Quote the page numbers on the schedules. The total of each page should be carried forward or the page wise abstract showing the page wise and total amount should be attached with the schedule.

  6. In case of change of name, the old name should also be indicated in the schedule at least 3 months from the date of change.

  7. If GPF subscription has not been recovered due to EOL/Suspension or any other reason, the same may be intimated to this office for necessary noting in the data base.

  8. Always quote the complete and correct GPF account number in all the correspondence with this office.

  9. Account number allotted by this office should be noted in the service book.

  10. Nomination should be filed positively .Revise nomination whenever occasion arises.

  11. Discrepancy in the GPF Slip should be brought to the notice of this office.

  12. In case of missing credit the necessary details such as Amount, Treasury Voucher Number, Date, Major Head, Gross and Net Amount of the bill may be furnished through the DDO.