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The Office of the Accountant General (Accounts & Entitlement)-II, Maharashtra, Nagpur came into its present form on 1-3-1984, consequent to the restructuring of the Indian Audit & Accounts Department.


The New building, situated in West High Court Road, Civil Lines houses the Accounts and General Provident Funds Wing and the Old building houses the Pension Branch Office.



Shri. Dinesh Raybhanji Patil, Accountant General has taken over as Accountant General (A&E)-II, Maharashtra with effect from 22-05-2014 A.N.


Composition of staff 

The gazetted staff belonging to Group A consists of members of the Indian Audit & Accounts Service. The gazetted staff belonging to Group B consists of members of Central Civil Service Accounts Officers; Assistant Accounts Officers, Divisional Accounts Officers and Senior Personal Assistants. The non-gazetted staff belonging to Group B consists of Supervisors, Selection Grade Divisional Accountants, Senior Accountants, Personal Assistants; Group C consists of Accountants, Stenographers, Clerks and Typist, Selection Grade Record Keepers, Record Keepers, Drivers etc. and Group D Government Servants.


The Accountant General (Accounts & Entitlement)-II, Maharashtra, Nagpur exercises overall control of the various activities in the office. The Accountant General is assisted by three Group Officers and various Branch Officers. A list of Group A Officers who are looking after the charge of different Wings/ Groups with specific areas of activities during the year is given below

Dy. Accountant General (Admn) Shri S.S. Kalpande
Dy. Accountant General (Accounts & VLC) Dr. Vishal Chawre
Dy. Accountant General (Entitlement - Funds & Pension) - Shri R. V. K. Sai Gandhi.


Member of Transfer and Posting Board

Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of working women.

Promotion/Posting orders



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